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Source Humble
Platform PC
Release Date 08.02.2013
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Genre Adventure
Developer LookAtMyGame
Plug In Digital
Publisher Storybird
Feature Single-Player
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We are currently working on Finding Teddy 2 !!
Stay tuned, we are currently sending confidential preview versions to journalists

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In Brief
The revival of Point'n-Click.
Graphics completely handmade, realized pixel by pixel.
An adventure divided into three chapters including dozens of riddles with multiple side quests.
No dialogues. Riddles and Music are the main point of the game.
PC/MAC/Linux Versions Bonus
Game in HD. We reworked all the backgrounds.
Newgame+ : Two ways to restart the game. With the colored Girl and with a Tarant Mask. You can see the fireflies with the mask.
Added a bonus scene after the endings. Find how to get it.
Added an alternative endings in a newgame+. Be attentive during your newgame+, you can find a hint that tell you how to get it.

A little girl was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear, when suddenly, a monster popped out from her cupboard then stole her favorite plush.
When closing the door, the little girl awoke then got inside the cupboard. and was projected into a magical world, full of monsters and oddities.
She must now explore this strange land and help its inhabitants in order to rescue her Teddy.

Still one question remains : will she be able to go back to the real world ?

The little girl : She's the main character, she's looking for her Teddy bear.
Mister Fly : Very useful fly to access some items where the little girl can't go. Very courteous.
Mister Cat : Has a bad temper, nevertheless useful to access small places and narrow galleries. Just need to scratch its back.