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Release Date 09.10.2018
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Recreate the excitement and tension of world class tennis in this dramatic
simulation that puts YOU on the centre court - stretching to reach that
service, volleying crisply from the net and trying to out-think and
out-manoeuvre your powerful opponent.

Viewed from the commentary box in realistic 3D, you can either challenge your
computer opponent (or another human) in the Open Championship all the way to
the finals, but don't expect it to be easy! Alternatively, you can sit forward
on the edge of your seat and enjoy a stunning display of control and skill at
the exhibition match.

Suitable for joystick or keyboard control, you will need to master the
subtlety of the drop shot and lob as well as the controlled power of the
forehand drive and volley as part of your repertoire of shots - which should
include a range of recovery strokes!

However, sheer technical compentence is not enough. Strategy and tactics are
vital aspects of tennis and you must develop your ball sense and awareness of
court positioning or pay the price. Play an adventurous attacking game or
stay back and wear down your opponent - all the choices are yours, but don't
let your concentration slip.

Once you have mastered the skills and strategy of MATCH POINT, all that
remains is to take a deep breath and step out onto the Centre court in front
of the waiting crowd...