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Source Humble
Platform PC
Release Date 05.10.2014
Community Score 60
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Genre Adventure
Role-playing (RPG)
Developer ILIKESCIFI Games
Publisher ILIKESCIFI Games
Feature Single-Player
Links Steam
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Pitiri 1977 is an adventure-platformer with much exploration in both world and story, and is paying tribute to its classic pioneers – not only by its gameplay, but also by its background story. A narrative, that is set in 1977 (the glorious year of Star Wars IV, the Atari 2600, the Voyager One spacecraft & Led Zeppelin's “Presence”), in an imposing world, created by using hand-painted graphics, characters, solid physics and a 1970s soundtrack, gradually opened up by the player’s acquired abilities.

You play as a kid with supernatural powers, whose brother has been kidnapped by an unknown evil. On your quest to get your brother back, you venture through a twisted 70s science fiction utopia that lies beyond the known…