Pill Baby



A stylish hack and slash game about an immigrant who takes drugs for her job. Play as Anna, finding a job and moving to a new country. Explore her new life, struggles, loneliness, relationships, language barrier.

Deep Action Mechanics

  • Wide movement set/ Combo-based action where you can learn lots of different attacks, and use them strategically.
  • Helpful drone units with special move that help you on offense or defense.
  • Custom gloves for special effects such as freezing or poisoning parasites.
  • Upgrades that help you focus on fights, collecting coins automatically, or absorbing parasite projectiles by dashing.
  • Epic boss fights: Fight with parasites 10 times your size.


  • Play as Anna, finding a job and moving to a new country.
  • Stress, loneliness and alienation. Can she survive here?
  • See the small town she moved to and interact with her new friends and neighbors. Form all kinds of relationships.
  • Sinister and mysterious things are going on in this town.


  • Talha Kaya: Design and code
  • Şeyma Hatip: Art
  • Antifon Audio: Sound
  • Selin Çınar: Poster
  • Radio for the Daydreamers, Midnight Moodswings, Tensor, Seiswork: Music