Mindball Play



Welcome to Mindball Play - a fun and challenging racing game!

Mindball Play is a fast racing game that takes place in a futuristic world. Compete against yourself, your friends or AI opponents on unique and colorful sci-fi tracks.

Play Mindball Play with your keyboard, gamepad or eye tracker.

Challenge your friends to fun and action packed races split-screen or online. Or take on the Time Trial leaderboards and race vs the ghost-balls of top players. There is also a Campaign mode for even more single-player challenges.

With Tobii Eye Tracker hardware you can also play the game with your eyes! Just look in the direction you want the ball to roll.

What is in the game?

  • Thirteen different playable tracks.
  • Single player campaign mode.
  • Time Trial with online leaderboards.
  • Custom-races vs AI opponents.
  • Split-screen.
  • Lan and online multiplayer.
  • Ranked online mode.
  • Online Time Trial mode.
  • Power-ups.
  • Unlockable skins.
  • Tobii Eye Tracker support.

Master banked turns, avoid steep drops, roll, bounce and push your way to victory!

May the fastest ball win!