Cepheus Protocol


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Just Updated

  • Open World Update is now live
  • Gameplay Doctrines added that completely redefine the way the game is played
  • Engineers and Vehicles - Are now live and buildable!
  • Dozens of QOL changes suggested from our community

Cepheus Protocol Dev Update #8 San Francisco North Update


Cepheus Protocol Dev Update #7 Atlas Update



About the Game

The Pangu Virus has been unleashed in San Francisco, turning thousands of innocent lives into mindless beasts that feel no pain and have no fear of death. With each passing hour, the Pangu Virus evolves, creating new and ever more horrific mutations with one goal in mind… Spread.

You are Captain Winter, a military officer fighting alongside the Center for Epidemic Research and Control(CERC). With a massive arsenal and the resources of the US Government behind it, you and CERC will stop at nothing to ensure the terror of the Pangu Virus does not escalate beyond containment, even if a whole city and millions of lives must be sacrificed.

  • Cepheus Protocol is inspired by classic RTS games such as Company of Heroes and World in Conflict, alongside the book World War Z.
  • Survive if you can against a relentless enemy that evolves and grows more powerful with each day.
  • Build specialized units from a variety of bases that can be placed anywhere in the open-world map.
  • Battle those infected by the Pangu Virus across four open-world islands, featuring unique and challenging environments.
  • Choose from three combat tiers that play to your style. Each tier has specialized units, equipment, and weaponry.
  • Engage a relentless horde of infected which numbers grow larger and stronger with each territory captured as you battle for control of San Francisco.
  • Hunt Patient Zero, who races across the city seizing territory. Each capture zone increases her population as the virus spreads and possesses all organic matter.
  • Form an alliance or side against the Anarchist and Police factions, which struggle to survive among the madness that has enveloped San Francisco.

Note: Steam Remote Play is for allowing your friends to try out the game if you already have purchased it. It's not for online co-op: that is is planned in the current roadmap, but is not complete yet