Domain Defense



Domain Defense focuses on what makes Tower Defense games great. Each tower is essential to your success and to keep enemies from walking right through. Using modern, stylized graphics each level bring a purpose and looks great. Domain Defense also includes up to four player split screen mode but each player is required to have a non-mouse controller to play.


  • Classic Tower Defense Levels
  • VS Mode With An AI Opponent
  • Themes including Spring, Winter, and Caverns
  • Challenge Modes Including Continuous, Hard Mode, and Tower Limit
  • Dynamic Weather Hints at Stronger Enemies On Their Way


  • Each Tower is Unique In It's Abilities
  • Splash Damage, Chain Lightning, Acid Poisoning and Ice For Example
  • Each Tower Can Be Upgraded Three Times. Choose Wisely Between Damage, Range, and Rate of Fire
  • Multiple Targeting Options Including First, Last, Strongest, Weakest, Fastest, and Slowest


  • Enemies Are As Unique As Towers
  • Mini-bosses and Bosses including Healers, Destroyers, and Multipliers
  • Each Themed Level Has It's Own Themed Enemies

Versus Multiplayer

  • Play Solo Against Three AI Opponents With Mouse or Gamepad
  • Up To Four Player Split Screen With AI Opponents Available
  • Two Players and Up Require Gamepads for Each Player

Cooperative Multiplayer

  • Hardest Levels Domain Defense Has
  • Creative Levels That Require Team Work
  • Up To Four Player Split Screen
  • Two Players and Up Require Gamepads for Each Player