Invasion! Seeding Corps' Ambition


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** Story Fight seeding men in sex battles. The hero has sex talent, It is okay if you are made to come by weak opponents, but you will lose if you come and seeded by a strong enemy opponent Explore the school that has become a labyrinth, Let's try to escape while rejecting the attacking seeding men. ** Story A student at the female school, Sakurado Momoka, had been bullied by her classmates and was trapped in a gymnasium. She has fallen asleep When she was awake, the school had been occupied by a mysterious group called""Seeding Men"" Schoolgirls are attacked, fucked, and sold like livestock. Momoka, who has been awakened to the ability to absorb the men's energy and use it as her own strength, takes a step to escape while being puzzled. ** Sex Scene Sex is the main during the battle by the sex battle. Erotic attacks diverge and there are 30 types of torture. If there are multiple enemies, you will be gang-raped. Blame hands change one after another according to the progress and the number of opponents, and fight with rich sex ** Character Sakurado Momoka Heroine She has an unusual female body and can absorb the power of the seeding men.