2000 to 1 A Space Felony


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Platform PC (Windows)
Release Date 07.07.2017
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Genre Adventure
Developer National Insecurities
Publisher Humble Bundle
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2000:1: A Space Felony is a murder mystery courtroom drama set aboard the USS Endowment, an interplanetary Spacecraft that has lost communication with Earth.

Utilising your camera and demonstrating your keen detective skills, you must document your findings, and piece together the crew's final hours from the aftermath. This photographic evidence is then applied in a cross-examination of the crime's prime suspect; MAL, the ship's on-board AI system.

If MAL is guilty, it is your responsibility to deactivate him.

A follow-up(ish) to 2016's critically acclaimed(ish) "Disorient On The Murder Express", National Insecurities returns with a much more ambitious investigation that walks the line between science and fiction, resulting in some kind of combination of the two.