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Platform PC (Windows)
Release Date 19.11.2018
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Genre Action
Developer Flying Mantis Games
Publisher Flying Mantis Games
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From the ashes of Pong, Suprapong is born ! Better graphics, faster and with a lot of fun, test your skill and precision in circular arenas !

Suprapong is an action game. You must prevent the balls to enter your side.

This game is meant to be played in local multiplayer, so invite your friends and challenge them to become the master of the arena. Live a strong time in twists, turns and good mood !

The game itself only have local multiplayer but if your internet is good enough, you can still play online ! Download Parsec and make your friends understand who is the boss.

Train yourself versus the IA or play with your friends up to 6 players (pads are needed if there is more than 1 player)

Use your powers or smash the ball to surprise your opponents and turn the tide of the game to your advantage !
Create bumpers, become bigger, freeze your opponents ...

Change the game options at will. Your options, your rules !
You can change most of the settings : ball speed, player speed, number of balls, arena size, bomb time, player / ball size ... and sooo much more !

Level up, unlock skins and customize your racket, show your tastes and colors to your friends !

Game modes :

- Suprapong is the classic mode : smash and powers, no particular rule.
- Chaos, random events will affect the ball or the arena. The danger does not come only from your opponents, beware !
- Bomb, the ball has a timer and can ... explode ! Don't let it fall to 0 on your side or it will cost you twice a goal !
- Protect, prevent any point to enter your goal. The first player reaching 0 loose and the game end.
- Bumpers, the arena is full of it ! Each ball cumulate charges for every bumper hit and release them all once it goals !
- Custom modes ! There is sooo much options that you'll be able to create the game of your dreams.

Are you ready to have fun ?

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