Card Hog



Choose your hog and embark on a grid-based dungeon crawl full of enemies, dangerous traps, powerful weapons and magic!

  • Dungeon crawling in multiple game modes
  • Dozens of enemies and bosses to fight
  • Over 100 cards to discover
  • 9 hogs with different card sets and perks
  • Local multiplayer modes (online MP coming)
  • Humorous shenanigans

Choose one of the available hogs most fitting to your gameplay style or customize your experience using wide variety of available weapons, spells and character perks.

Show your creative side by drawing and uploading new character outfits to Card Hog Steam Workshop! Much more community content will be available in the future.


Game is currently in Early Access and being actively developed. Much more content coming soon in form of mechanics, cards, characters and game modes!