Agent in Depth



Agent in Depth is a daring action-platformer featuring fast-paced action and instant-death combat. You’ll run, jump, aim, and deflect bullets with your katana to blow up your enemies. No checkpoints, no upgrades: just pure skills. Deflect, die, learn, repeat. Be better, be faster.

In Agent in Depth, you’ll play as agent Randy: the security specialist of this underground facility. Just like any cool agent, you wear a fancy black trench coat and pair of red sneakers. You also ditched firearms and suited yourself with a shiny katana.

Unconventional Combat:

Your katana can’t damage the corporation's belongings directly. Overcome your enemies by deflecting their bullets towards them. Watch your enemies explode as you deflect their bullets in the air. Be stylish, fast, and cool!

Hand-Crafted Levels:

Each level is uniquely designed for you to experience a different sequence of gameplay through its 15 levels. Can you finish the game in split seconds and see your name displayed to everyone inside the game?

Daring Gameplay:

You get hit, you die. Your enemies get hit, and they die. You also can’t save the game, you have to finish in one sitting. No power-ups and upgrades. It’s the ultimate skill test for your reflexes. Do you have what it takes to finish it?