Word of the Law: Death Mask Collector's Edition


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Platform PC (Windows)
Release Date 10.01.2022
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Genre Adventure
Developer DominiGames
Publisher DominiGames
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You're an F.B.I.S.K. detective who investigates particularly serious crimes connected with serial killers. Audrey Parker, a police officer, tells you that there is a serial killer in the city: several corpses wrapped in plaster were found recently and all of them were in the form of sculptures. The main suspect is Chad Hill whose sculpture gallery was burned and the truth about the arson is being concealed for it's connected with the local authorities and, of course, money. Now he wants to avenge it. Will you manage to break off the chain of vengeance murders and stop Chad, or not?

This Collector's Edition includes:

Investigate the abduction of the governor in the Bonus Chapter!
Find all the collectibles to learn more about detective work!
Earn extra achievements solving exciting puzzles and mini-games!
Enjoy exclusive materials, such as concept art, wallpapers, and music!