Zodiac XX


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Zodiac XX is an explosive single-player underwater arcade dogfighting drama set in a brave new near-future world. Join the ranks of Constellation Endeavor in their revolutionary struggle to prevent a global conflict at the hands of the Annovian regime. As captain, the fate of your squad-mates - and the
Annovian people - is in your hands. The tide yet rises.

+ Immerse yourself in a bold campaign from the mind of Ethan Redd, and take command of the elite Zodiac Fighter Squadron in challenging action-packed strike operations that will test your mettle and resolve
+ Immerse in fully fleshed out pre-mission briefings, andxperience the narrative from the perspectives of your 6 AI squad-mates, each with persistent progression and unique dialogue
+ Enjoy an electrifying all-new OST featuring music from 2 Mello, Skybridge, and Myrone